Summer Facial Mists: Try Homemade Ayurvedic Herbal Recipes to Help Keep Cool! 

Need refreshing ways to keep cool, but don’t want the chemicals in many store-bought products? Here’s your solution: make your own! Below are a few easy herbal mists you can make and take with you wherever you go. We also include storage and usage tips. 

Sweet Almond Spray 

This spray adds hydration to your skin while giving you a slightly sweet tropical scent. Use whatever quantities of the oils that achieve the scent and consistency you like. Coconut water can go bad rather quickly, so make this in small batches, store it in the fridge, and don’t keep it longer than a week. 

  • Combine equal parts coconut water and aloe vera as your base. 
  • Add sweet almond and macadamia essential oils.  
  • Shake to combine. 

Refreshing Citrus Spray

Vitamin E is a natural preservative that you can add to any facial spray by using either capsules or a bottle of the oil. When combined with the Vitamin C from the citrus, it can also help protect against skin inflammation from sun exposure.

  • Peel one or two oranges and lemons and add the peels to already-boiled water overnight. Experiment with how many peels you need to use to get the perfect scent for you. 
  • The next day, strain the water, as you don’t need the peels. 
  • Add Vitamin E oil from two capsules to the mixture. 
  • Shake to combine. 

Cooling and soothing Cucumber Aloe Spray

The combination of cucumber and aloe is often used to cool your skin while improving skin blemishes or mild sunburns. 

  • Peel and dice one small cucumber. 
  • You can prepare the cucumber in two ways, but either way you will use the resulting water, not the cucumber pieces: 
  • Place the diced cucumber in boiled water and let it soak overnight before straining, or 
  • Put the cucumber in a blender then strain it through a cheesecloth to remove the liquid. 
  • Add cucumber pieces to 1 teaspoon aloe vera and enough water to fill your spray bottle. 

Storage Tips

  • Keep sprays in the refrigerator. Not only will this keep them cool and refreshing, but it will help preserve the ingredients. 
  • Going to the beach, pool, or anywhere else where it will be hot? Pack your spray in a cooler with any food or beverages you are taking with you, ensuring it will remain cool for your use throughout the day. 
  • Make small batches in 3-4 oz. bottles. Even this small size can last quite a while, depending on your usage. Making small batches also prevents ingredients from spoiling over time. If you use a larger spray bottle, adjust the recipe accordingly.  
  • Find plastic spray bottles in travel sections at most stores, though glass bottles are better for the environment and there’s not a risk of chemicals getting into your spray from the plastic. You can also find both plastic and glass spray bottles on Amazon. 

Usage Tips

  • Spritz as needed throughout the day, especially when you need a little boost of energy or some extra moisture.  
  • Use it in the morning to help wake up. 
  • Spray some on during or after spending time in the sun or other hot environments.  


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