Kidneys are an important part of your bodily function, and are self-cleansing organs. These organs should be supported by the consumption of: fruits, vegetables, and a sufficient amount of fluids. Some of the common symptoms of kidney disease include lower back pain, stomach-ache, stress, anxiousness, dry itchy skin, insomnia, dark-colored urine, and fatigue.

The kidney diseases are usually caused due to consumption of processed and unhealthy food, dehydration, excessive use of salts and some pain relievers. It has been suggested through studies that Ayurveda can help cure kidneys successfully.

The suggested kinds of Ayurvedic treatment include: Vihara(lifestyle), Ahara(diet), and Aushadha(medicines). There are also Ayurvedic exercises that focus on kidney- care, one example is pranayama. This exercise is a combination of meditation and breathing, and it also energizes the soul, reduces kidney stones, and lowers swelling in the kidneys. There are also several Ayurvedic remedies that can help cleanse and detox your kidneys.

Firstly, Parsley is seen as one of the best herbs for cleaning kidneys, it helps to flush out harmful germs and bacteria from the kidney area. Secondly, Celery is also an excellent herb to help remove toxins, which in turn help increase urination. In doing so this helps reduce the risk of kidney stones and infections to the kidney. Next, Ginger is seen as a potent herb in kidney care, it helps to improve digestion and it also cleans both the kidney and liver area.

Furthermore, Turmeric is a herb with known strong cleansing properties which are known to purify the kidneys and blood. The anti- inflammatory properties that it provides helps further prevent kidneys infections and inflammation. Finally, Rakt Chandan(red sandalwood) shows that it can help cure and prevent serious infections in the kidneys. If the use of these remedies along with the recommend diet and exercise is enforced, your kidneys will be in prime health.