Ayurveda dates back to centuries ago, being referred to as the oldest recorded form of wisdom globally. Rasayana is seen as a form of rejuvenating recipes, dietary regimen, and a unique way of promoting conduct and behavior. In Ayurvedic practice, Medhya comprises three medical facilities: Dhee, Dhirti, and Smriti, which are all interrelated with each other in some way. Medhya can also be subdivided into Grahanshakti(power of grasping), Dharana shakti(power of retention), Vivekshakti(power of retention), and Smriti(power of recollection).

 The word “medhya rasayana” has been derived from Sanskrit and combines to form the meaning of “intellect rejuvenation.” The Medhya Rasayana is known to be beneficial because they help improve the intellect. Medhya Rasayana consists of 4 medicinal plants that can either be used individually or in combination.

 The first of these plants is Mandukaparni, which acts on behavior besides the neuroprotective brain growth parameter. Next is the Yastimadhu, which helps increase the circulation into the CNAS system and improves learning and memory. Furthermore, Guduchi is a plant that possesses both learning and memory enhancing, antioxidant, anti-stress action, and enhances cognition on average. It is also helpful for improving behavioral disorders, mental deficits, and IQ levels.

Lastly, Shankhapushpi is effective in anxiety disorders and helps reverse social isolation stress-induced prolongation of onset and decrease in pentobarbital induced sleep, increased total motor activity, and stress-induced stress antinociception in experimental models. Medhya Rasayana is highly effective for psychiatric and psychosomatic diseases.

This type of therapy involves the individual to attain sedation, calmness, tranquility, or a simulation of activities of the brain. Based on both clinical and experimental research, it has been shown that these drugs have varying degrees of psychotropic action and are also known to possess anti-depressant, sedative, and tranquilizing action. Overall, Medhya Rasayana drugs are mainly used to prevent and treat mental disorders of all age groups. These drugs also help patients relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.