The skin is our largest organ. Often overlooked in health regimens, skin health is as vital as taking care of your body, heart and mind. The most important role for your skin is protection. It protects your body from chemicals, bacteria, infection, heat and light. Think of your skin as a gentle suit of armor; always ready to protect you from damage.

In the modern world the assault on our skin is endless and constant due to pollution and toxins. But ancient Ayurvedic practices can put us on a path to healing. Ayurveda advises washing your face every morning as soon as you get up. This will wake you up and remove toxins and dirt. Try mixing in a bit of rose water or rose oil to brighten up your mind and refresh your skin. Continue your kindness to your skin by starting your day with a relaxing cup of Sweet Rose Tea and a supplement.

If your skin gets injured during the day or simply needs a bit of pampering, treat it gently using aloe vera, an ancient plant long known to have soothing properties. Ayurveda recommends head and body massage as a daily self-care ritual. So, remember to massage and moisturize every day to keep your skin supple and strong. With a little investment of time and care, you protect your body’s largest organ. And remember, if you love your skin, it will love you back.  

As with any supplement, consult with your health care provider.