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Improving Mental Health

By : Vivian L.

The last year has been devastating for many people's mental health. Many of us are simply hitting the wall after months of being stuck inside, and getting out of bed every day feels like an accomplishment. We humans often turn to various comforts, some good and some not so good. The quick routes to stress release: sugar, alcohol, drugs, impulse shopping, or similar give an immediate bounce, but the awful feelings always return...sometimes even more vital.

Why? Because your mind, body, and soul are one. If you poison one part, the rest will be out of balance. In Ayurvedic practices, a person is in good health when their psychological and physical parts balance, including a content mind (Prasanna-manaha). Ayurvedic teachers tell us your mental health is improved by the choices you make---practicing healthy choices like meditation, yoga, drinking tea, and experiment with detoxing strategies could bring your body back into balance.

To address mental health issues, some may need therapy and prescription medication. Neither of these concepts is out of step with Ayurvedic living. Now recognized as complementary to western medicine, Ayurvedic principals tell us, "Integrating Psychotherapy and Vedic principles teaches us how to rediscover critical knowledge and awareness of the natural forces and rhythms that complement and strengthen our human experience, through the understanding of the psyche and what our inner experiences are and also involving practical daily activities with thorough attention to our total environment to bring about radical changes in our mental outlook and physical health" (Source: Ayurvedic concepts related to psychotherapy, Prakash B. Behere, Anweshak Das, Richa Yadav, and Aniruddh P. Behere)

In other words, as Ayurveda has taught us for a millennium, to improved mental health, you must address your mind, body, and soul as one.

As with any supplement, consult your health care provider.