Request Consultation

Request Consultation

Virtual Ayurvedic Consultation (45 Mins.)  

In the initial consultation, Our Ayurvedic expert will emphasize on gathering your medical background, family medical history, on-going treatments or issues, lifestyle, type of diet, active or inactive physical activities.

During the meeting, our Ayurvedic expert will perform body constitution analysis Q/A to determine the body type, imbalances in any doshas, any other disorders. Based on the analysis, our expert will assist you in choosing the possible changes in lifestyle, diet, meditation, yoga, and physical activities**.

Virtual Follow Up Ayurvedic Consultation 

In the follow-up session, our Ayurvedic expert will have a medical/physical report based upon the initial meeting. Ayurveda expert will discuss any noticeable changes in the lifestyle, mental, and physical health based upon the recommended changes from the previous session. Its primary purpose will be to determine the positive impacts on the individual and if the recommended path is valid or any changes are required based upon the received feedback.


Note: All appointments must be scheduled a week prior and paid in advance. The appointment cancellation request must be made 48 hours before the consultation. Refunds may take 5-7 business days to reflect on your billing statement. Please contact our customer service if there are any issues with the account or refunds.


Disclaimer: Please contact your physician if any side effects. Ayurveda and Ayurvedic products are lifestyle and don’t guarantee a 100% cure for the disease. Ayurvedic lifestyle and product results may vary on different individuals.