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“With a strong faith in Ayurveda and ancient science, we intend to spread the knowledge of Ayurveda to encourage people to begin a journey towards healthy beings.”

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient and organic-based holistic approaches that focus on maintaining a healthy balance between mind, body, and soul. We are determined to begin the health revolution by spreading this word among todays and upcoming generations.


“We intend to offer a unique wellness experience for men and women, by providing the best ayurvedic supplements, yoga, meditation, recipes.”

We aim to spread the principles of Ayurveda that focus on treating the root cause of the disease through an organic and natural lifestyle. Ayurvedic lifestyle helps the prevention of severe diseases by emphasizing a healthy diet, yoga, meditation, and a disciplined lifestyle that prevents the human body from diseases.


Ayurveda Marketplace promises to bring the wide range of ayurvedic products, abundant knowledge of yoga-meditation, expert consultation to your home. We would love to have you to begin a healthy journey, and our team of health experts is here to navigate in your new beginning.


We offer a wide range of services like Ayurvedic products, Expert consultation, Yoga and Meditation knowledge videos, Ayurvedic blogs, and Dietary detox recipes.

Our expert ayurvedic consultation consists of your past health experiences, dosha assessment, personalized lifestyle guidance plan, yoga, and meditation guidance, detox diet plan based upon dosha assessment.

The ancient ayurvedic techniques enhance physical and mental balance by detoxing access bodily blockages, thoughts, and activates all the chakras of the body. We highly encourage everyone to opt for this path towards a healthy lifestyle with us.

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Ayurvedic Health Experts commonly known as Vaidya follow an eight-step process to determine body constitution and imbalances. A typical Vaidya consultation involves a session where the health expert asks you various question regarding your diet, lifestyle, and checks your pulse, tongue, etc. to determine your Dosha and the imbalance of Doshas causing the problems.

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