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Ayurveda consultation

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Ayurveda Consultation

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Ayurveda is considered the master of healing and focuses on the nature-based treatment for the inner body that glows outwardly. Ayurveda aims to explore the person's state of mind and body. Our skilled practitioner uses in-depth patient intake to determine their constitution and imbalances after knowing your problems or needs—our consultant will bring you back to a normal, balanced, and happy lifestyle. For a personalized experience, take online consultation sessions from home.

We offer virtual ayurvedic healing sessions to determine and soothe your body and mind.

  • An initial consultation is 30 mins long
  • During this consultation, our skilled practitioner goes over your exact health problem.
  • Our consultants’ main goal is to trace the source of the root cause
  • We provide a thorough assessment of your constitution and state of imbalance based on your eight-fold process (Asthavidha Pariksha) and the illness.

Follow up Consultation

We recommend you to schedule follow up consultation with the same consultant to check the health changes and optimize your health plan

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