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Patanjali Chyawanprash is an all-time favourite product which can save you from diseases causing micro-organisms.


Patanjali Chyawanprash is the best herbal formulation for sick and healthy people - Read more
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📦 Free Shipping on all orders over $49.99+ in the US
100% Natual
& Herbal
Cruelty Free
Chemical &
Toxins Free
Scientifically Tested


Patanjali Ayurved Limited produces quality Herbomineral preparations. To monitor quality, the Divya Yog Mandir Trust and Patanjali Yog Peeth grow many endangered herbs on its farmland. The principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are rigorously followed in the plant and Company prides itself on being environment friendly.

Total Quality Management (TQM) projects:

This enables Patanjali Ayurved Limited to produce herbomineral preparations with uniform levels of batch-to-batch consistency. This ensures that the customer gets the same high quality product regardless of where it is purchased.

Why Customers Love It

  • Quality: We value our consumers and we believe by providing quality products a quality life for them can be created.
  • Farmers: Farmers are provided with all sorts of technical-aid and necessary information about efficient farming.
  • Manufacturing:Our manufacturing units process consumables like food items, medicines etc.
  • Patanjali research institute: From animal trail to human trail, there will be an intense process of research. Any medicine will be first tested in the laboratory, then it will be used on rats and rabbits and after their successful use of animals it will be used on humans.


  • Useful in cough,*
  • Bronchial Asthma,*
  • Loss of Appetite,*
  • Loss of Memory,*
  • Disorder of Lungs,*
  • Ear, Nose and Throat.*


  • With a cup of lukewarm milk in morning & evening or as directed by the physician.   
  • Adult : 1-2 teaspoonful.
  • Children above 6 years : 1 teaspoonful


  • Dasmool,
  • khareti(sida cordifolia),
  • Mugdhparni(phaseolus tribulus),
  • Pipali choti(piper longum),
  • Masparni(teramnus labialls),
  • Kakda shringi(pistacia integerrima),
  • Bhumi amla(phyllanthus niruri),
  • Draksha(vitis vinifera),
  • Jivanti(leptadenia reticulate),
  • Harar(terminalia chebula),
  • Giloy(tinospora cordifolia),
  • Riddhi(habenaria intermedia),
  • Jivak(malaxis acuminate),
  • Nagarmotha(cyperus rotundus),
  • Punarnava(boerhaavia diffusa),
  • Maida(polygonatum cirrhifollum),
  • Nilotapal(nymphaea nouchali),
  • Vidarikand(puraria tuberosa),
  • Adusa(adhatoda vasica),
  • Kakoli(roscoea alpine),
  • Kaknasa(martynia diandra), 
  • Ashwagandha(withania somnifera),
  • Mulethi(glycyrrhiza glabra),
  • Pipala mool(piper longum),
  • Stavar(asparagus racemosus),
  • Chavya(piper rerofractum),
  • Chitrak mool(plumbago zeylanica),
  • Sonth(zingiber officinale),
  • Varahikand(dioscorea bulbifera),
  • Amla pishti(emblica officinalis),
  • Ghrit(ghee),
  • Sugar(saccharum officinalis),
  • Prakshep dravya(processed with),
  • Vanshlochan(bambusa arundinaceae),
  • Pipali choti(piper longum),
  • Dalchini(cinnamomum zeylanicum),
  • Laghuela(elletaria cardamomum),
  • Tejpatr(cinamomum tamala),
  • Naagkesar(messua ferrea),
  • Keasar(crocus sativus),
  • Godanti bhasma(calcined calcium sulphate),
  • Abrak bhasma(calcined mica),
  • Lavang(syzygium aromaticum),
  • Kali mirch(piper nigrum),
  • Kachoor(curcuma zedoaria)

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Patanjali Chyawanprash is an all-time favourite product which can save you from diseases causing micro-organisms.