Bitter Melon is a well-known, ancient food and modern supplement in east Asia. Momordica charantiain, in Latin, is a tropical vine part of the gourd family and is related to zucchini, squash, pumpkin, and cucumber. The health benefits of consuming these foods are well known in the Western world, but Bitter Melon is new to many on our side of the ocean.


Ayurvedic philosophy associates the bitter taste with numerous health benefits, including being profoundly cleansing. It works to clear heat (your Pitta) and is believed to clean the blood and aid the digestive fire. Because of its descending effect on the body, bitter Melon is not recommended during pregnancy. Caution is also recommended for those on hypoglycemic medication.


Long believed a regulator of numerous body systems; Bitter Melon is full of antioxidants. Those beneficial and quiet cell warriors may prevent the damage that free radicals cause. Along with a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, certified USDA Organic Bitter Melon, vegan and free of gluten, corn, and dairy, and vegan Bitter Melon are options to consider to support health.